SharePoint Tips & Tricks 1 – List and Library templates

Very frequently we use custom site and list templates to have a uniform structure throughout the site. That is when we create a doc library with custom columns, views etc… we can use that as a template to create similar libraries so that we do not have to do the required customization again and again.

For those who don’t know you can create custom templates;

  1. Create a document library and do the required customization. This includes doc library settings, custom views, columns etc….
  2. Once the customization is completed go to document library settings and click “save document library as template” under “permissions and management”
  3. Specify a file name and a template name. (Give a meaningful name to template name since it will be used later to create new libraries. I use the same name for both). To make things more clear include a brief description also.
  4. Select “enable content”. This will ensure that the folder hierarchy you created inside the library will be included in the template. (This increases the template site. By default there is a size limitation of 10Mb per template. If required this can be increased up to 500 Mb. This post written by Vinoj, explains how to increase the template size limit.
  5. Click ok. Once it is saved it will show a hyperlink to the list template gallery where all the templates will be saved.

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