SharePoint Tips & Tricks 2 – Content Rollup

In a SharePoint Intranet with multiple sites and document libraries, sometimes it is required to display a list of documents from multiple libraries based on some query, As an example you may want to display all the documents that were added to the Intranet within the last 30 days. Or you may want to display all the documents added or modified by a a particular user. There are 2 web parts that you can use to cater such “content aggregation” or “content roll up” requirements.

1. Content Query Web Part  (CQWP)

The Content Query Web Part displays a dynamic set of items based on a query that you build by using a Web browser. You use the query to specify which items are displayed, and you can set presentation options to determine how those items are displayed on the finished page.

Here are 2 articles with more details on CQWP

2. Content Search Web Part (CSWP)

The Content Search Web Part is very similar to Content Query Web Part. The major difference between these two web parts is that CQWP queries the content database directly whereas CSWP queries the search index. As a result CQWP will always return the latest files. (The results of CSWP may not be always up to date based on the crawl schedule). 
For more details on CSWP pl. refer to;

Here is an excellent article that highlights the differences between these 2 options.

When to use the Content Query Web Part or the Content Search Web Part in SharePoint

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