Hide and Unhide a library using SharePoint Designer

As we know we can allow or restrict a user to access a library by configuring permissions appropriately. Sometimes you may need to just hide a library or a list from users without removing permissions. For an example you may have a reference list which need not be directly accessed by users. For such requirements we can hide a library using SharePoint Designer as follows.

  1. Open the site in SharePoint Designer
  2. Open the relevant library
  3. Under settings – > General Settings;
    • uncheck “Display this list on the quick launch”
    • check “hide from browser”
  4. Save

general settings


This will hide the library in the browser. (However user still has permission so he can access with the correct URL.)

To unhide;

  1. Open the site in SPD
  2. Click “All Files” . This will show hidden libraries as well. (If it is a list go to “Lists” folder under All Files.)
  3. Right click the relevant library and click “properties”.
  4. Now change the required settings and Save.

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