Create Online Surveys in OneDrive using Excel

This is a very interesting feature I discovered recently. Microsoft allows you to create online surveys easily using OneDrive and Excel Online. The best part is that the participants are not required to sign in to OneDrive. You can just generate a unique URL for the survey and distribute. 


 Here is an article with step by step guidelines.

OneDrive Sync Issue – An Office File Needs your attention

I am a big fan of OneDrive desktop client. But I have experienced many times that it keeps on failing to sync Office documents with OneDrive. Recently I uploaded a set of files and the sync failed with the message “An office file needs your attention”. When I opened the Office upload center it simply says “open the file in office”. When I opened the file in the relevant office application and save it from there it uploads without any issue.

Luckily I found this article which solved the problem. Now the files get uploaded without any issue.